Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The End of Gas Street Lights in Waco


Waco Times-Herald
January 8, 1904

The old gas posts, which served to conduct the gas which lighted the city several years ago, before the regime of the electric lights, are being removed, and will soon disappear entirely from the residence section.

Negroes are digging them up, under instructions from the Waco Gas company, as they have not been used in years, and all this goes to show that Waco has outgrown her swaddling clothes some time since and requires a more elaborate and extensive wardrobe to officiate in her new position among the cities of Texas.

The posts mentioned were formerly surmounted at the top by a square glass, which shut out the wind and rain and allowed the lights to glimmer out and dispel the darkness. Although inadequate for present needs, yet the old days of gas lights did well for the times.


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