Friday, August 01, 2008

Championing Chickens

Cruelty to Animals

Dallas Morning News
Friday, Aug. 30, 1895

Waco, Tex., Aug. 29 –– At the next meeting of the Texas Humane society, President R.B. Parrott will read startling statements of cruelty to poultry practiced by shippers. There are sworn affidavits that in many cases chickens are forwarded in coops so crowded together that the weak succumb to the strong in the struggle for standing room and are trampled to death. In some cases, it is reported, they are sent to distant points without food or water, and eat each other when in the last stages of famine. One instance is reported of a coop of Plymouth Rock hens which the assignee refused to receive. It was set off by the transportation company on the platform and there remained until the last hen died from hunger and thirst. The society also has a report of a mare whose colt was a week old, which was taken off on a journey and the colt being knocked in the head in sight of the mare because it hurt its leg and could not keep up. When the grand jury meets next week in Judge Scott's court the Humane society will present a list of instances of cruelty to animals for consideration.



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